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Honorary Members

In recognition of outstanding ability, accomplishment, or devotion to the best interest of the Sorority, a person can be given Honorary Membership by a district. This shall be the highest honor which can be conferred by a district.

Dr. Craig Aarhus
Elissa Ashley *
Deborah Baker §
Neil Bleiweiss
Stephen Burt *
Renee Cartee
MiChel Causey *
Lee Commander *
Kenneth Corbett §
Lisa Croston §
Benjamin Diden
Lauren Funk
RJ Gammon
Christa Hall
Alan Harriet §
Crystal Hunter *
Latrondrick Hunter *
Dr. Kathryn Kelly §
Barbara Kelly-Hursey *
Sarah Lowery
Nikki Lyons
Rene Mark

Jonathan Markowski §

Carolyn McCambridge §
Carolyn Mercer
Erle Morring

Rachel Myers
Dollie O’Neill (tbsnat)
Parth Patel

Erika Pope (tbsnat)
Adrienne Rall (tbsnat)
Rebecca Rastelli
Allison Reagan
Kelsey Reilly
Belinda Ricks *
Dr. Nicole Sanchez §
Amber Scott
Dr. Kerry Simon
Katie Taff
Evan Thompson §
Debra Traficante §
Nicole Warren
Fitzgerald Do’Nyal Webb
Siobhan Bratcher §

* Tau Beta Sigma or Kappa Kappa Psi award recipient

† SED officer, counselor, or CVA

§ Tau Beta Sigma or Kappa Kappa Psi national officer

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