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Applications for this year’s 2025 SED Awards have not opened yet.

Click the link above to gain access to the awards packet. Applications for one or multiple awards can be filled out. The district council will review the submissions, choosing one winner for each award. Chapters will only be considered for awards whose applications they complete.

Chapters are encouraged to attach pictures/videos/links to supplement their applications.

The list of application-based awards are as follows:

  • SED Chapter Excellence Award

  • Leadership Development Award

  • Art of Music Award

  • Community Development Award

  • Joint Relations Award

  • Most Improved Chapter Award

Other District Awards

In addition to the application-based awards, there is a variety of other awards that are given to chapters at convention, including:

The Farthest Traveled Award

  • Presented as a plaque to the Chapter or Petitioning Group that collectively travels the greatest number of miles to the Convention

  • This will be calculated as a product of active, conditional, and candidate members, and miles traveled

  • The host chapter will be excluded in consideration

Best Chapter Representation Award

  • Presented as a plaque to the Chapter with the most active, conditional, life, alumni, and candidate members at convention.

Chapter Participation Award

  • Presented as a plaque to the Chapter who has the most active members at district convention as a percentage of total active members in that Chapter, excluding the host Chapter

Outstanding Chapter Assistance Award

  • Presented as a certificate to any Chapters that have given assistance to any other Chapter in the District, such as Chapters who serve as Petitioning Group Advising Chapters

Petitioning Group Participation Award

  • Presented as a plaque to each Petitioning Group in attendance

Shells Umbrella Full Participation Certificate

  • Presented to any Chapters who have donated at least $1 per current Active member of the donating Chapter to the Rainy Day Fund at the time of convention

Shells Umbrella Award

  • Presented to the Chapter who by the time of convention has donated the most to the Rainy Day Fund since the end of the previous convention

Best Scrapbook Award

  • Presented as a framed certificate to the Chapter who receives the most votes during the Scrapbook Showcase

Focus on Five Award

  • Presented to the Chapter with the most stripes and lyre pieces earned by convention

  • It is not required to have completed the program to be eligible

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