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Focus On Five

The Focus On Five campaign was first developed by the 2013-2015 NVPSP Jonathan Markowski in 2014. It was designed to encourage each chapter’s participation in Tau Beta Sigma’s National Programs and has evolved to also include highlighting important chapter operations, and district initiatives.

Each year the campaign presents five simple things each chapter can do that are related to our National Programs. Chapters “earn” parts of the Tau Beta Sigma Flag (Stripes & Lyre Pieces) by completing each of the challenges set forth during the campaign.

Those chapters who complete the most pieces of the flag will be recognized at each of the District Conventions in 2024 and 2025, as well as the 2025 National Convention!

2023-24 Focus On Five Campaign Challenges
Red Stripe
Due October 15, 2023
Time to get to work!

The Red Stripe focuses on ensuring that we are established for the year with regard to our Chapteroperations documents, awareness of risk management policies, and enrollment in the Focus on FiveCampaign. There are three key steps needed to earn the Red Stripe:



  • Appoint your Focus on Five Liaison and have them join the Tau Beta Sigma Discord server.

  • Email your Chapter Budget & Constitution to your District Counselors.

  • As a Chapter, watch the TBSigma Risk Management Policy Video and complete the “Take a Stand” cards,
    preferably during National Hazing Prevention Week (September 25-29, 2023). Share a photo of the
    Chapter’s Take a Stand cards in the Discord server.

White Stripe
Due June 1, 2024

The White Stripe focuses on community development within our Mission Statement. Our community
extends from our band program, to our campus, to our greater communities. Tau Beta Sigma’s National
Programs were created with the specific aim to support various aspects of the Mission. There are two
programs that target our engagement within the community: Crescendo and Coda. There are two steps to
earn the White Stripe:


  • Host either a Crescendo or Coda event within your community.*

  • Share photos (if able based on the community partner’s guidelines) and details of the event and answer
    the questions “How did this event impact our community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did
    Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

    • If photos are not allowed, complete the appropriate Participation Form located in the TBSigma
      National Programs Guide and have it signed by an official from the community partner organization.


*chapters are not restricted to hosting only one event

Blue Stripe
Due June 1, 2024

The Blue Stripe focuses on the empowerment of women in music within our Mission Statement. The Women
in Music Speaker series is the hallmark National Program of Tau Beta Sigma. It was created with the intent of
giving women in music a platform to speak and share their experience. It is also an opportunity to connect our
members, bands, and greater community to these music professionals and to learn from their story. There are
two steps to earn the Blue Stripe:


  • Host a Women in Music Speaker Series for your band program, campus, and/or greater community.

  • Share photos and details of the event and answer the questions “How did this event impact our
    community? What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the
    Discord server.

Green Stripe
Due June 1, 2024

The Green Stripe focuses on cultivating leadership in our Chapter and band community. Developing
leadership skills within a band program can greatly enhance the overall performance and success of the
group. While there is not a current National Program that focuses on this aspect of the Mission, Tau Beta
Sigma can enhance leadership within the band program and community through setting examples of positive
leadership and facilitating development events for band members (suggested topics below). There are two
steps to earn the Green Stripe:


  • Host a leadership development event for members of the band program.

  • Share photos from the event and answer the questions: “How did this event impact our community? What
    does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

Black Stripe
Due June 1, 2024

The Black Stripe focuses on musicianship and music appreciation, central foci of our Mission, Vision, and
Purposes. One of the most important aspects of serving bands is one’s ability to contribute positively to each
rehearsal and performance as a musician, and one of the best ways in which to contribute positively is to be
proficient at your instrument. The For Greater Practice Initiative of Tau Beta Sigma was designed to help
Chapter members serve their bands by becoming better musicians through the development of good practice
habits, especially with regard to the fundamentals of each member’s instrument or auxiliary equipment.
There are three steps to earn the Black Stripe:


  • For at least three months, at least 50% of all Chapters members individually practice for four hours or
    more. This can be completed with individual or group rehearsal on primary/secondary instruments
    (including auxiliary equipment). Practice should be tracked for all members using the For Greater
    Practice Initiative tracking sheet
    or another preferred method available through your college/university.
    At the conclusion of the For Greater Practice Initiative tracking, host a mini-recital (either privately as a
    Chapter or including participation of other band members) to perform selected rehearsed pieces and
    celebrate one another’s progress.

  • Share the completed tracking sheet (or report from school-based tracker), photos/video from the mini-
    recital and details of the event, and answer the questions “How did this event impact our community?

  • What does it mean to our Chapter? How did Tau Beta Sigma make a difference?” in the Discord server.

Lyre Pieces

Left Lyre Piece - Due June 1, 2024

For the Left Lyre, Chapters will submit an application for an Academic Achievement Program award, Service Certificate, and/or the For Greater Bands award.*

*Each of these recognition/awards types has specific deadlines during an academic year. Applications that are
submitted on-time for the respective deadline will be considered for the Left Lyre Piece.

Right Lyre Piece - Due June 1, 2024

For the Right Lyre,  at least one member of a Chapter needs to be present for at least half of the total National Council-sponsored events. This does not need to be the same member for all events. After the event series has concluded, submit a post highlighting the events that were attended and the attendees’ response to the questions “What were the key takeaways from this event? How did the Chapter grow from the experience?” in the Discord server.


Center Lyre Piece - Due June 1, 2024

The Center Lyre Piece is designed to help your chapter be more involved in District-specific projects and initiatives.


Southeast District Lyre Project: 

For this year’s SED Lyre piece, we want our chapters to work on bonding with one another, so we will conduct a service project as part of the SED “Chapter Service Swap” Program! Chapters will choose another chapter in the SED to reach out to to swap service projects with.

Projects do not need to be perfectly copied and pasted; the goal is to simply share ideas with each other and take inspiration from them to try something new to your chapter. To help facilitate communication, chapters will use this spreadsheet to provide contact information and list which chapter(s) they will be swapping with. More detailed guidelines are included in the spreadsheet. The lyre piece is verified by showing proof of communication with another chapter (text/DM/email/etc.) and showing pictures of the service project.


While swapped projects may meet the criteria for another stripe, the same service project may not be used by the same chapter for two Focus on Five submissions. Chapters are encouraged to choose a music service project or philanthropic project based on their individual needs and goals.


If you have any questions, please contact Southeast District Vice President for Special Projects Carissa Kettering at

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